The concept

Just. Breathe.

A refreshing yoga brand, celebrating real people… encouraging people to find their own space to practice yoga wherever feels right to them.  Many have a preconception of people who practice yoga – having seen picture perfect images on social media. Just. Breathe. believe yoga should be accessible to anyone and everyone, without limitation.  

Yoga brings benefits of reduced stress levels, improved sleep, improved quality of life, support with depression, support with chronic pain, and more – this practice needs to be available to everyone.

Challenges & Opportunities


Introducing yoga to a new and potentially sceptical audience. 

Communicating what sets this brand apart from others.

Making it cool to see people practicing yoga in the park, in the skate park…. people of every background, every size, all ages and all abilities.

Building a community where people feel engaged and accepted.


There are so many who would benefit greatly from practicing yoga but haven’t been introduced to a form they feel comfortable with.

We can create a brand that is recognisable for it’s authenticity and all-encompassing community. 

We have the opportunity to break down the barriers to entry and build a thriving community of people who are proud to practice yoga anywhere they can find their space.  

Colours & design Elements

Steering away from the expected neutrals associated with yoga / pilates brands, I selected a palette that balances the urban aspect of the brand and marries with bold colours of nature to bring balance.  

The subtle introduction of the rectangular stroke flows throughout all brand elements to signify the yoga mat and ‘finding your space’. 


It was important that the main font was strong and clearly identifiable. The worn nature of the font communicates authenticity and an urban feel, while the loose edging of the font reflects the relaxed nature of the breathe… removing limits. 


Grouping the main font with the simple rectangular shape of the yoga mat. I wanted the words to do the talking in this logo. The reason for the two full stops after “just” and “breathe” is to slow people down, to give space between the words – therefore, I stacked the words to accentuate the use of the full stops.


Photography used for all branding materials, including social media etc reflects the brand values “Relatable”, “Accessible”, “Kind” and “Inclusive”.  Photography should communicate the key message of Just. Breathe. in that you can practice yoga wherever you can find your own space. Without expectation and without limits.

Product design

Products will mirror the brand colours and the simple structure of the brand with clear messaging, i.e. “Come As You Are”, “Own Your Space”, “Drop Any Expectations”.  Products will be unfussy and on-brand.  Packaging will be recyclable and all materials sourced from environmentally sustainable approved suppliers.

Social Media

The social media needs to reflect the empowering message of the brand. Reflecting the visual identity throughout and threading content from the Just. Breathe. community wherever possible.

Just Breathe SM4
Just Breathe SM3
Just Breathe Mat O
Just Breathe SM1
Just Breathe Mat 3
Artboard 6

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