New Year’s Aspirations

New Year

I’m not a massive fan of New Year’s Eve, but I LOVE New Year’s Day. Somehow, it’s not just any old day – it really does feel like a fresh chapter. It’s a chance to make new dreams; to start again; and to write off anything that didn’t go the way I wanted it to the year before. I love taking the opportunity at the beginning of the year to have a pit stop. This year, I’m inviting you to turn off your autopilot and take a pit stop with me. You can do this at any time of the year to be honest but the New Year always feels like a good time to hit the restart button. 

Just hit the download below and print out the sheets (or follow along on a piece of paper if you can’t/don’t want to print it out!). It won’t take you long but the process will help give you clarity and direction for the beginning of this fresh new year…

I couldn’t be any more grateful for the support I gained last year in starting Designed To Be Kind. This has been a dream for me and I can’t wait to see what adventures it holds for 2022. The promise I’m making to myself is that I stay true to what I believe this year. I’m determined to not be swayed by what others are doing (or achieving!). I’m going to stay in my own lane, be true to myself and keep it KIND!

New Year Quote

I hope this year holds everything you have ever dreamed of. Every dream begins with a first step… go for it!!!!

I’m going to be following up this article with support in setting up your own business – taking you through every single step. It can be a really daunting process but it’s much easier when you can go through it together. I’m always here if you ever have any questions – however daft they may sound to you. If that’s your dream this year – you can do this!!!

Thank you so much for being here… I really appreciate it.



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New Year

New Year’s Aspirations

I’m not a massive fan of New Year’s Eve, but I LOVE New Year’s Day. Somehow, it’s not just any old day – it really

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