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I’ll let you in on a little story about me… five years ago, I was coming to the end of my maternity leave having had my second son. The date to return to work was coming around quickly and I began thinking about starting my own business. I saw a gap in the market and went about starting a regional directory for children’s party services. I worked tirelessly, setting up the business, designing the brand, getting the website, entering hundreds of party companies into my fancy online directory. I was at a point where I was getting enough traffic to the website to warrant asking party companies to pay a subscription fee. THEN, I went to an event with a motivational business coach… he changed everything with a single question…. 

“Think about your values. How are they present in your business?” 

I was stumped!

I went home that evening and continued to think about the business I was creating and how much work I had put into it. How could I infuse my values into my business model? I didn’t want to give it up! The harsh reality was that it didn’t communicate any of my values, and I began wondering whether I wanted to spend the rest of my working life updating an online directory. The truth is, I had seen a gap in the market, and focused on how I could capitalise on that opportunity rather than considering what I wanted to do; what was in my heart; what was my “why”; and, what would make me excited to get out of bed in the morning. I took the decision to shut it down before it had really even started. It was a hard decision but one that I am SO grateful for.

I learnt so much from that experience. You don’t need to definitively ‘know your purpose’ to start a business (who does?) but it really helps if you start with your “why” in mind… start on purpose! Starting a business isn’t easy and there will be lots of tough days. If you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, it will really help you push through those tricky times – you’ll have a reason to push through.

Since closing that business, I have spent years working on my mindset and drilling down to what is truly important to me. Now I know that I want to help kind people create kind businesses through standout brand identities… simple hey! It wasn’t a simple journey, I can assure you.

When I speak to people at the beginning of their business adventure, it’s so very exciting. We’re at a point in human evolution where we desperately need businesses with a heartbeat; businesses that stand for something; that have values and act with kindness. If every entrepreneur begins their business by first working on their mindset, addressing their limiting beliefs so that they are free to dream of a business that serves others whilst also igniting a fire in them, we will all win.

This is the first article of many, teaching you what I have learnt along the way so that you can build your business with kindness. I’ve created a free worksheet to help you start off on the right foot. It covers:

  • Re-framing your limiting beliefs
  • Creating your own affirmations to keep you motivated and confident
  • Dreaming big audacious dreams
  • Visualizing your dream business

You may just learn a few new things about yourself and what you want from your dream business… tap the image to download your copy!

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Do you know of anyone thinking of starting up a business? Be a friend, and pass this free workbook to them… it may just save them a lot of time, heartache and money.

Thank you so much for being here… I really appreciate it.



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Start On Purpose


I’ll let you in on a little story about me… five years ago, I was coming to the end of my maternity leave having had

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