Consistent And Seamless Supporter Communication

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Imagine Your Social Media Content Prepared Ahead of Time and Newsletters Hitting The Mailboxes of Your Supporters, Effortlessly... EVERY MONTH!

I understand time isn't always your friend...

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How? Because I’ve been a Community Fundraiser, fire fighting all of the urgent to-do’s! So, to support you, I’ve developed three packages to make Social Media and Newsletters a joy. 

You can go into the month knowing that your supporters are primed to support your campaigns; they’re excited for upcoming events; and, most importantly, they feel valued and appreciated.

How does it work?

Content stage

I'll work with you to develop the optimal columns of content for your social media / newsletters. This will give us a roadmap for monthly content - I will provide you with a simple form to complete each month so that I can formulate the posts and create the newsletter(s).

Design Stage

I will go away and get creative, preparing all of the social media posts and the supporter newsletter(s).

Schedule For Social Media

I will send you all of the finalised social media posts along with a simple schedule for the month ahead. So all you need to do is check the schedule, add your own caption and send the relevant post on the scheduled day. Ta dah!

Newsletter Mailout

I will prepare the newsletter (including copywriting & design) within your preferred mailing service (i.e. Mailchimp).

So, Here Are The Bundles of Goodness...

If you get in touch to select a bundle, I will contact you directly to discuss next steps and timings going forward.

Social Media

£ 120 Per Month
  • 15 social media posts - formulated and designed around content columns for your charity (i.e. promotion of fundraising events / volunteer stories / charity facts / fundraiser focus)
  • Each post will be designed in line with your charity branding and delivered in the optimal specifications for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin
  • A simple monthly calendar outlining when to send each post - removing the guessing games of what to post and when


£ 125 Per Month
  • A monthly Supporter Newsletter, including:
  • Copywriting & Design
  • The agreed newsletter will be loaded into your preferred mailing service, i.e. Mailchimp, ready to send!

Monthly Social Media
Content & Supporter Newsletter

£ 220 Per Month
  • Everything listed under "Monthly Social Media Content"
  • Everything listed under "Monthly Supporter Newsletter"
  • BONUS: Once the newsletter is loaded into your preferred mailing service, I will facilitate the test & send the mailout as well.

Wait, Did I forget to mention some of the benefits?

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Regular & Consistent Contact With Supporters Boosts Community And Encourages Charity Loyalty.

Consistently posting content on social media will boost your profile with existing and NEW supporters!

designs that accurately reflect the charities' goals and values help to promote trust in the charity.

Ensuring that all of your fundraising events are effectively marketed to supporters will ensure you are maximising the potential of Meeting / exceeding your targets.

Less time working on social media and newsletters means more time for other priorities within the charity!

You're not paying an annual salary to a designer - you can cancel at any time.


I've been lucky enough to write and design community newsletters for some amazing clients...

"OK, heard enough?"

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to sign up to any of the bundles, OR if you have any questions...

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