How To Choose A Name For Your Business

How Do You Choose a Name For Your Business Header

Let’s face it, choosing a name for your new business is like choosing a name for your baby… it’s tricky!!! Unless you have that eureka moment at 3am in the morning, you can end up going around in circles. And then, just when you think you’ve got the perfect name, you mention it to a […]

New Year’s Aspirations

New Year

I’m not a massive fan of New Year’s Eve, but I LOVE New Year’s Day. Somehow, it’s not just any old day – it really does feel like a fresh chapter. It’s a chance to make new dreams; to start again; and to write off anything that didn’t go the way I wanted it to […]


Start On Purpose

I’ll let you in on a little story about me… five years ago, I was coming to the end of my maternity leave having had my second son. The date to return to work was coming around quickly and I began thinking about starting my own business. I saw a gap in the market and […]